Mold Testing

Indoor Air Quality


Indoor air quality testing and inspecting, mold, radon, mildew, roof leaks, basement flooding, and other indoor air quality issues can present health concerns to families buying, selling or living in a home. Boardman Home Inspection performs the proper testing and equipment.

Visible/non-visible mold, suspicious odors, suspected do you determine what it is... proper sampling and professional lab testing performed by a qualified tester is the only way to know for sure.  



 I am so grateful that I called Boardman Home Inspection. I have health issues that do not allow me to live in a home that has any type of toxin that others may be tolerant of. David did such a thorough inspection that he found issues that others were unable to find. Thanks to him, I am able to correct the issues in my home and be at ease. He was extremely helpful in explaining every detail of information as far as the process of the inspection, as well as the findings. Thank you, David! 

Lindsay D.